Our Local Manifesto


The Bromley Green Party Manifesto 

This is our local manifesto and is our commitment to the residents and businesses of the borough. We will ensure that more of your council tax and government grants are ringfenced to deliver these commitments to build a fairer and flourishing Bromley for all.  We are standing candidates in all 22 wards in Bromley. Find out more about your candidates.


Local grass roots democracy 

In the Green Party, we believe that decisions affecting our borough should be made at a local level. The diversity of our borough better reflects our changing society and we believe everyone should be able to have a say in decisions that directly affect them. We want there to be transparency and openness in council processes and decision-making.

The Bromley Green Party will:

  1. Ensure that we work to find the best solutions to local issues that benefit all our residents.
  2. Ensure all campaigns and actions are informed by the views and priorities of our local residents and complement Green Party policies.   

A more enterprising Bromley

We believe local business and social enterprise strengthen local communities because a robust local economy can benefit everyone. This will provide more local employment which ultimately benefits the community.

The Bromley Green Party will:

  1. Provide more opportunities for affordable start-up space by investing in new enterprise spaces to encourage and support our residents to follow their ambitions.
  2. Support existing businesses and make sure any vacant shops are filled as soon as possible to keep our town centres and local shopping streets vibrant. 
  3. Ensure that all new major developments provide affordable space for new businesses and encourage investment from outside the borough.
  4. Encourage more local businesses to support an active apprenticeship programme for our young people and disabled residents.

Education for everyone

We believe more of Bromley’s budget should be used to better resource our schools and colleges so our young people get the best facilities and teaching staff to support them.

The Bromley Green Party will:

  1. Provide more money for schools and colleges to provide the best education.
  2. Ensure that local authority run schools are not disadvantaged by currently-prioritised academies and free schools.
  3. Not support any expansion of academies or free schools. We want all new schools to be run and managed by Bromley council to ensure all students and pupils have an equal education and an equal share of the budget.
  4. Introduce non-compulsory, free state nursery education so Bromley’s children can enjoy the benefits of early education.
  5. Provide secondary school places across the borough where there is greater demand so that Bromley pupils can attend schools closer to where they live.
  6. Ensure that children, pupils and students with disabilities are given the necessary support and facilities to fulfil their potential.
  7. Provide more opportunities for adult education within local communities by using facilities such as council buildings, community centres and schools, so that residents can access courses more easily.
  8. Ensure funding is ringfenced for the borough’s remaining two adult education centres and provide more courses where there is a demand.

Housing that meets our needs 

Basic, safe and warm housing is a right, not a luxury. Currently there are over four thousand people living in temporary accommodation[1] and more residents being forced to move out of the borough as the council fails to deal with our housing crisis.

There is a dire shortage of social housing in Bromley as Conservative councillors have favoured private ownership over building more social housing. This lack of provision makes it harder for both young and disabled people to get the opportunity to live independently whilst saving for a home.

Social housing’s rental structure plays a vital role in helping to change people’s lives by removing the need for working people to rely on benefits.

The Bromley Green Party will:

  1. Build well designed cost-effective environmentally friendly housing on brownfield sites in Bromley, for social rental, that reflects local income levels. 
  2. Provide more social housing to meet the demand.
  3. Ensure that all new developments on council owned land meet the London Plan quota by providing at least 50% affordable housing on site.
  4. Ensure that all new developments on privately owned land meet the London Plan quota by providing at least 35% affordable housing on site.

[1] Shelter 2017 

Make Bromley the greenest borough

We are proud of the fact that Bromley is one of the greenest London boroughs and we would actively work to make sure Green Party aims of protecting wildlife and green spaces and providing clean air for all are reflected in council decisions.

We also recognise the importance of having access to a healthy and clean environment for the wellbeing of our population.

The Bromley Green Party will:

  1. Invest more to protect and enhance all our green spaces, including school playing fields, so they can be more widely used and enjoyed by all residents.
  2. Propose opening school playing fields for local residents’ use at weekends and during school holidays.
  3. Campaign to protect and preserve our Green Belt, Metropolitan Open Land, open spaces and back gardens from over-development so we can remain the greenest borough in the capital.
  4. Improve and protect our council-owned land by maintaining our current wildlife areas and provide planting to encourage greater biodiversity.
  5. Promote a resident-led scheme to enable more tree-planting along streets.
  6. Stop further privatisation of the management of our woodlands currently outsourced by Bromley Council.
  7. Ensure all plastics collected from residents are properly recycled by seeking more investment in recycling plants and promoting the installation of reverse-vending machines in busy shopping areas.
  8. Monitor air quality outside our schools and colleges and in all our town centres and high streets to ensure the health of our children and residents is not compromised.
  9. Increase the number of electric charging points across the borough to encourage more residents to change from petrol and diesel cars to electric cars, thereby reducing air pollution in Bromley.

A caring community

We want to invest so we can collectively create a strong, healthy and caring local community. 

The Bromley Green Party will:

  1. Provide better social care and activities for our older residents and people with disabilities to prevent exclusion and social isolation by bringing out-sourced services back into direct Council control.
  2. Work hard to ensure Children’s Services is classified as Outstanding by Ofsted.
  3. Provide more opportunities to improve public health, such as free swimming for residents.
  4. Lobby Network Rail and Transport for London to encourage the implementation of step-free access at all stations in the Borough at a quicker rate than currently.
  5. Introduce a 20mph speed limit around all schools to improve safety and reduce accidents.

Animal Protection

We respect all life and regard animals as sentient beings. We are committed to ensuring the protection and welfare of all domestic pets, farm animals and wildlife.

The Bromley Green Party will:

  1. Ensure all our policies towards the protection of animals, whether pets or wildlife, animals on farms, in transit, in pet shops or for sale, are promoted by Bromley Council and actively enforced.
  2. Provide regular inspections by Bromley Council into the welfare of animals in pet shops.