Green Party fields four female candidates

1 May 2017


Left to right: Tamara Galloway (Candidate Orpington), Ruth Fabricant (Candidate Beckenham), Karen Wheller (Candidate Lewisham West & Penge), Roisin Robertson (Candidate Bromley & Chislehurst) and John Catlin. 


Bromley Green Party has responded to the snap General Election call and the call for equality for women in politics by fielding four local women to represent the party; Tamara Galloway (Candidate for Orpington), Ruth Fabricant (Candidate for Beckenham), Karen Wheller (Candidate for Lewisham West & Penge) and Roisin Robertson (Candidate for Bromley & Chislehurst).

John Street, Bromley’s joint Coordinator said; ‘Our policies, for a publicly funded NHS, free University or Training, public housing, protection of the Green belt, spaces and wildlife and our public libraries and care services, all lead to a more socially equal society, with opportunities for all.

‘We need to look to the future of energy generation where local people can invest in local renewable schemes in solar or wind, not the BigSix; renewable energy and energy efficiency funding would also help stabilise our Climate.

‘EU protections for Workers Rights and our Environment are both under threat from the Hard Brexit offered by the Conservatives; these Laws must be upheld in total, or we shall lose the ability to protect ourselves from unfair work practices or the degradation of our Air Quality from car exhausts, pollution from pesticides or genetically modified foods.

‘We need to rethink how our Elections are run. At present, votes are cast for a single Candidate, whereas under Proportional Representation the more votes a party receives, the more MPs will be elected to represent those views in Parliament, making sure that each vote counts.’

Many thanks to all who took part and those who took our leaflets and information.


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