Standing up against unfair eviction

20 July 2015

Green Party members are campaigning against the eviction of a Bromley family.Paul Rooney, who lives with his disabled daughter Roisin, may lose his home due to legal costs he says have been wrongly charged to him.

Having initially been told he owed £2,000 in council tax, he was soon served a £49,000 legal bill from Liberata, the private company that administers Bromley Council's tax collection service.

Paul says these costs are due to the incompetence of Liberata, but nonetheless finds himself faced with eviction.

Bromley Green supporters Ann Garrett, Ruth Fabricant and Geraldine Cowan (pictured) gathered outside the property on 14 July to protest the move by the council. And they have been joined in fighting Paul's corner by Bromley TUC, which has set up a fund to help him pay his legal costs, as he is not entitled to legal aid.

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