Local school election sees Greens register just 2% fewer votes than Conservatives

7 May 2015

Candidates at the mock hustings at Bullers Wood SchoolThe Green surge hit a Bromley school when Green candidate Roisin Robertson scored 23% in a mock election, just behind the Conservatives on 25%.

Both were dwarfed however by the 42% gained by Labour at the mock election at Bullers Wood school, Chislehurst.

"I will congratulate the other Candidates' says Bromley & Chislehurst Candidate Roisin, "Although I am very pleased at this result for the Green Party which has emerged from the side-lines to the mainstream.

"I went to the school to give an outline of Green Policies and how they affected society. The girls I spoke to were already knowledgeable about policies from other parties. The team behind our candidate, Francesca, a year 11 student, worked hard to get essential facts and policies ready for the school Hustings. I think they all deserve a round of applause.

"I was also impressed with the support for caring for the environment, which Green policies include in their economic and jobs-growth strategy. It is clear that the messages about the changes to our global climate have impacted on our young people who, by taking part in this event, have found a way to express their views on how this country should be run in the future.

"I hope they feel that using politics to change the world is a worthwhile course to take to ensure a stable climate and a stable economy for the common good – as does the Green Party."

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