Bromley Greens in the community

17 May 2014

Many local campaigns have had support from the Bromley Green Party. Our Green people have been getting involved, taking action in a bid to ensure there is growth, not over-development, that our vulnerable have publicly run services, our NHS is preserved and that our local society is fair and sustainable.

Bromley Greens

With the South London Hospital groups, we have been supporting the call to keep the NHS in public hands – free and fair treatment to all.

Supported preservation of the Green Belt; campaigned against the sale of the hilltop in Crystal Palace Park to a developer who wants to build a hotel and conference centre there (see our full statement on this).

Supported local elderly and the disabled in efforts to keep services and local facilities run by the Council, not by private Agencies; supported the bid by the Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC) for the council to scrap the Bedroom Tax.

With the Elthelbert Road Community and the Bromley Civic Society, opposed the Council’s plans to re-develop the High Street (Site G) and demolish the homes already there.

Support the newly-formed Bromley Against frAcking group set up to challenge planning applications for exploration or drilling on Bromley borough land alongside Bromley Trades Union group and national campaigns run by Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.

Opposed Council cuts and changes to Housing Benefits which has led to a massive rise in the number of local homeless families; Supported the four food banks in Bromley feeding over 4,000 people a week.

Take an active part in the Bromley TUC meetings, attend Bromley Cuts Concern meetings and worked with parks and residents groups to preserve the ecological and built environment.

Support the Bromley Energy community group, set up to provide information and Community schemes for new, local renewable energy.

With local CND raised awareness of the nuclear trains running through Bromley South station; supported the Fukushima group warning about the effects of radiation leaks and the condition of the stricken power plant.

Voting for a Green Councillor to Bromley will give a voice to the Green view in the Council Chamber, for a fairer, sustainable future.

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