This page contains information about the London 2016 Mayoral and Assembly elections, which took place on 5 May 2016.


Mayor of London

Green Party results are shown below, along with changes from the previous Mayoral election in 2012.





 All London Boroughs







 Bexley & Bromley only 








London-wide Assembly Member

Green Party results are shown below, along with changes from the previous London-wide Assembly Member election in 2012.

Caroline Russell and Sian Berry were both elected, so two of the 25 London Assembly Members are Greens - see what they've been doing to improve London.





 All London Boroughs 








 Bexley & Bromley only 













Constituency Assembly Member (Bexley & Bromley)

Green Party results are shown below, along with changes from the previous constituency Assembly Member election in 2012.





 Bexley & Bromley only 









Take a look at our manifesto to see how we plan to continue the positive presence that Greens have had in the London Assembly for the last 16 years, and how our radical plans will transform London into a fairer city for all.

Download our manifesto



Mayor of London


Sian Berry is standing for Mayor of London,  and we couldn't have hoped for a better candidate. The Green Party came third in the last election for Mayor of London in 2012. With your help, this time we can win!

Find out more about what Sian stands for. 


London-wide Assembly Member


You vote for a London-wide Assembly Member on the orange ballot paper. This orange ballot paper is the most important, because it's based on proportional representation, a fair voting system meaning more Green votes turns into more Green London Assembly Members.

Full information about our candidates can be found on the London Green Party website.

Two out of the eleven current London-wide Assembly Members are Greens. Darren Johnson and (Baroness) Jenny Jones, both of whom are standing down in May 2016 after serving since the London Assembly began in 2000.

Have a look at how they have made London a more equal, healthy and affordable city (and how Boris Bikes aren't really Boris Bikes!).


Constituency Assembly Member (Bexley & Bromley)


Roisin Robertson at Bexley Council Chamber

Roisin Robertson is standing as London Assembly Member candidate for the Bexley and Bromley constituency.

As the Green Candidate for Bromley & Chislehurst in the 2015 General Election, tripled the number of votes to 1823 and won a 4.1% share.  Roisin has lived in Bromley and has taken an active part in Green campaigning for almost 30 years.

Roisin says: 

"Air quality is important to our health. We need to find out if Biggin Hill Airport’s working hours expansion will mean more emissions locally and along the flight path. We also need to look at the proposals for new bridges over the Thames in Bexley, which could lead to more traffic and worse air quality and we need to investigate our public transport systems and road safety measures. 

"We need to protect our Green Belt, with Bexley Council’s recent decision to sell green lands, and proposals from Bromley to do the same. While these proposals may provide much-needed housing, the quality and suitability of this housing should be prioritised for local residents, not investors.

"On an international level, Climate Change is focussed on talks at the COP21 meeting in Paris, where we hope politicians will make important decisions on emissions, on carbon pricing and on renewable energy. However, already Britain, with it’s plans for fracking and new nuclear, is out-of-step with much of the rest of the world."

As a Candidate she supported Havelock residents against plans for a Free school on the Recreation ground and allotment holders faced with plans to build on Chislehurst allotments.

As a journalist she was Chislehurst Reporter, Bromley Times, supporting campaigns to restore the Burnt Ash Lane roundabout, the building of the footbridge at Chislehurst Station and the Bickley campaign to ensure no flooding in Lower Camden.

She has campaigned against the expansion of Biggin Hill Airport, against the Chinese plans for Crystal Palace Park, and with Bromley Civic Society for suitable developments in Bromley Town; has raised awareness of Nuclear waste-carrying trains with Greenpeace and CND; the threat posed by fracking with Bromley Against frAcking; against NHS privatisation with Save Our Local Hospitals; with Trades Unions to protect our public services, jobs, Libraries and services for the vulnerable; as an End Ecocide campaigner she contacted the Diplomatic core to ask for agreement on an international legal framework to protect the planet against corporate greed; and with 38º Degrees against TTIP the Transatlantic Trade and International Partnership, threatening Corporate, not Democratic control. Roisin is the Co-ordinator of Bromley Greenpeace, a member of the Bromley Peace Council, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and the BR1 Eco poets.

Roisin says: "I got involved with Greenpeace while my children were young, when I heard forecasts of climate change and global warming predicted by the first IPPC report. I needed to find out more about how to stop the damage, and have been an active  supporter of campaigns to save the Whales, the rainforests, stop coal, put scientific measures on fishing, nuclear waste, and most recently Save the Arctic. I give talks to Universities, Colleges and schools as a GreenSpeaker for Greenpeace. This involvement in ‘the Environment’ led me to look further, into to social Justice and trade justice issues. 

"I joined the Green Party as I saw this was a route to get new laws on how we treat the environment put in place. Now we have time to build our Green Community, I want to promote Green party policies as I see these will achieve climate stability and financial security for a safer future for our children, our community and all life on Earth."