London Borough of Bromley on 3rd May 2018 

Your local candidates will be working for a fairer and flourishing Bromley for all.

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Bickley - Roger Austin


Roger lives in Bickley and has been Green Party supporter since 2011. For over 16 years, he has worked in the public sector on a range of projects that improve areas and neighbourhoods with the core objective of building strong cohesive communities. Roger is passionate about our environment and feels that Bromley Council should be doing more to support our young people and our ageing population as well as bolstering opportunities for social enterprises, start-up and existing businesses.

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Biggin Hill - Karen Wheller & Paul Enock 

karen.wheller@greenparty.org.uk & paul.enock@bromley.greenparty.org.uk 

Karen has lived in this area for over twenty years and worked nearby in Tatsfield for over ten years as a volunteer zoo keeper.  Karen is  committed to ensuring that Biggin Hill remains green and pleasant, and that council services are not reduced further; as a disabled person, I have experienced the impact of our council’s cuts. If elected, Karen pledges to oppose further cuts and work to reverse current cuts to our local services. Karen will work to support our local businesses and ensure all in Biggin Hill have a good standard of living. 

After running a company in Germany, Paul Enock returned to his childhood home in Orpington in 2011 to care for his aging mother. Paul has been active in improving local environments since the 1980s. His first career was in social care, working with young offenders from inner London. He now runs his own company from home. Paul has a BSc in Psychology and recently completed a Philosophy MA. As a candidate in Biggin Hill, Paul is discovering synergies between ‘small-c Conservatism’ and Green Party principles.

Download the Biggin Hill newsletters from Karen and Paul

Bromley Common & Keston - Hannah Witham 


Hannah has lived in the Kelsey and Park Langley area most of her life. Having worked in both education and the NHS for the last 15 years, ensuring all residents get the best treatment and education they can is very important to her.  Hannah is passionate about wildlife and animal rights, trying to give those who do not have a voice a voice. Keeping the Bromley Common and Keston a green preservation area and a hive for local businesses is also important and why Hannah is standing for Green Party.

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Bromley Town - Roisin Roberston


I raised a family of four and taken an active part in Green campaigning for 25 years. A Bromley Times journalist, later Chief Reporter in Chislehurst, I supported restoration of Burnt Ash roundabout, Chislehurst station over-bridge and anti-flooding in Lower Camden. Roisin is a member of the Bromley Civic Society, Save Our Local Hospitals and Bromley Against FrAcking. If I were elected I would promote Green Party solutions for a fairer society, affordable rented housing, care for animals and respect for human dignity in all decisions made by Bromley Council.

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Chelsfield & Pratts Bottom - Dan Sloan


Dan has lived with his family in Chelsfield for many years. A founder member of Bromley’s Friends of the Earth group and a member of the Chelsfield Society, he has consistently promoted the protection of the local environment such as the Green Belt and Bromley’s green spaces. Dan is a member of the Green Party.

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Chislehurst - Stella Gardiner


Stella has been a Green Party member since 1993 and is active in CND, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Earth First and the London Cycling Campaign.  Stella works as an environmentalist and is particularly passionate about transport, wildlife, trans and women’s rights. More recently, she has been active in Bexley Cycling Campaign and various LGBT organisations, including her workplace network and union LGBT network. As a transgender person, and someone on the autistic spectrum, Stella believes in equal access to opportunities in society, including good housing, jobs, fair pay, education, healthcare and representation in politics. Stella stands against austerity cuts that are only harming our country and its citizens.

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Clock House - Nicola Nugent


Nicola has been a LGBTQIA teacher for 13 years all over the country teaching secondary and primary students. She was sustainability and eco co-ordinator at her last school running the eco-active club. She ran a ‘clean up the streets’ campaign where dog fouling was a hazard to pupils on the surrounding roads. Born in Farnborough and living in Beckenham with her family, including her 6 month-old son, she was joint Equal Opportunities and Publicity Officer and President and Vice President for Hackney’s branch of the National Union of Teachers (now NEU). 

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Copers Cope - Ruth Fabricant 


Ruth is a single parent and Beckenham resident for forty years who has taught infants in Bermondsey and Forest Hill, fostering a love of nature, art and reading. Ruth currently volunteers at a Beckenham school.  Sharing residents’ concerns, Ruth collected 500 signatures to save our Beckenham toilets; campaigns include save our NHS and libraries; stop disability and public service cuts; oppose Brexit and bring railways back into public ownership to reduce fares and provide a better service. An active member of Friends of the Earth, Bromley Trades Union Council, CND, RSPB Giving Nature a Home and Stand Up To Racism, Ruth celebrates diversity, stands up for social justice, environmental issues, road safety and animal welfare.

Download Ruth's campaign leaflet

Cray Valley East - Paul Hemingway


Paul recently retired from the NHS after 30 years working mainly with people suffering with mental health issues. He has a passion for working with the underprivileged and those who cannot speak up for themselves. Over the years Paul has become increasingly concerned about the environment, in terms of the damage being done to our planet as well as the legacy we are leaving for generations to come. Paul is particularly passionate about road safety, air pollution and the level of plastic waste we generate.

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Cray Valley West - Steve Cope


As a disabled person, I have seen the impact of council cuts to services. I have been made homeless due to Bromley Council and will do my utmost to prevent it happening to others. Good quality housing should be affordable for all. I have stood on picket lines in Bromley defending our services, such as the libraries. If elected, I pledge to oppose further cuts and work to reverse current cuts. I will work to reduce poverty and ensure all in Cray Valley West have a good standard of living. I support clean high-tech industry jobs and our local businesses.

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Crystal Palace - Mark Phillippo


Mark grew up in South London and has lived in Penge with his wife and two boys for the past 11 years. Mark's previous work experience has included working in homeless hostels and other types of supported housing and as a Commissioner of Supported Housing for a neighbouring London borough. Currently, Mark is a Housing Practice Manager for the national homelessness charity, Crisis. Mark is a Board Member for Penge Churches Housing Association.

Download Mark's campaign leaflet

Darwin - Jan Wilson


Jan has lived in Bromley for over 40 years. She has been a member of the Green Party and Green Peace for many years. After retiring from a varied teaching career she worked as a volunteer with Home-Start, caring for families with young children and now volunteers at a local school. One of her main concerns is the natural environment and she has worked with Bromley Countryside Volunteers for 20 years helping Bromley Council fulfil its biodiversity commitments. Jan is also secretary of Bromley Art Society.

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Farnborough & Crofton - Tamara Galloway


Tamara was born in what was then Farnborough Hospital and brought up in Orpington which has been her home ever since. As Planning Secretary for the Green Street Green Village Society and Planning Coordinator for Bromley Friends of the Earth, she has campaigned against building on the Green Belt and back gardens. She is currently working against the development of the Broke Hill Green Belt site. Tamara opposes fracking, for which a seismological survey was carried out by Tesla Exploration Ltd, including Knockholt, Pratt’s Bottom and Farnborough.

Download Tamara's campaign leaflet 

Hayes & Coney Hall - Mary Ion


Mary lives in Bromley with her husband and two young children. In her work as an NHS mental health nurse and psychotherapist and through charitable work with local families she has seen the effects that cuts to local services have had on people in need. She is committed to improving quality of life for residents by supporting vital health and social services, education for all and, active travel for all in order to improve health and reduce air pollution. As a cyclist herself she advocates improved cycling infrastructure to create neighbourhoods where walking and cycling are a priority and a pleasure. Mary believes that it is vital that we protect Bromley’s parks and green spaces for all to enjoy.

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Kelsey & Eden Park - Gareth Thomas


Gareth is market trader on London's Southbank selling second hand books.  He is a keen contemporary music composer and student of economics and mathematics.  He has a young family and believes that providing better opportunities for young people and budding entrepreneurs should be a priority of the council.  Gareth would like to see safer steets and the preservation and enhancement of Kelsey and Eden Park valuable green spaces so they can be enjoyed by all local residents.

Download Gareth's campaign leaflet 

Mottingham & Chislehurst North - Kate Matos


Kate is a mum living in Mottingham. She joined the Green Party over three years ago. Kate fights for clean air, safe roads, green spaces, climate change, pollution and toxins. She believes that everyone has the right to a safe, warm and secure home. Kate holds BSc in Environmental Management and Technology. Her view of the future lies in renewable energy, energy-efficient housing, circular economy, sustainable food and farming.

Download Kate's campaign leaflet 

Penge & Cator - Geoff Allen


Geoff has a Chemistry degree from Oxford and a Humanities degree from The Open University.  Now retired, his career included research in biochemistry in academic institutes and industry, followed by teaching. He is concerned about the natural environment, peace and social justice and travels by bicycle whenever feasible. Geoff is a member of The National Trust, the RHS, CND, Liberty, Cycling UK, NUT (now NEU), and The National Allotment Society. He has lived in Penge for 38 years and was its allotments secretary. His key aims are to reduce pollution in Penge and Cator, to extend 20mph zones and add cycle lanes.

Download Geoff's campaign leaflet 

Petts Wood & Knoll - Martin Childs


Martin has lived in Petts Wood for 36 years and is an ex-printer and retired civil servant. He first joined the Green Party in 1988 and is a founder member of Bromley Green Party. He is also a member of the party’s Trade Union Group and its Co-operatives Policy Working Group. Other activities include active participation in Make Votes Matter which campaigns for proportional representation for elections to the House of Commons, membership of Unlock Democracy which works for a written constitution for Britain and Compass which encourages cross party working to achieve a more progressive politics.

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Plaistow & Sundridge - John Street 


John has lived in Bromley for over 30 years and used to be a computer programmer and analyst. John joined the Green Party in the early 80s and has been a member of Bromley Green Party since its refounding in 1988. Within the Green Party he’s been active in its international and conferences work. Locally John has been a committee member of his residents' association for over 20 years and is also a member of Bromley Civic Society. John has been a member of the local Friends of the Earth group since the late 80s and has edited its monthly newsletter for the last 15 years.

Download John's campaign leaflet

Orpington - Mike Marriott


As a qualified social worker, Mike has spent much of his career working in a number of local authorities around London. Mike has also held teaching posts in higher education. His career has shown him how local councils can be a major force for good if run well with a focus on the quality of services.  Mike is fully committed to the Green Agenda and believes it needs to be embedded across all areas of local and central government. Mike is committed to getting Green issues and social justice embedded into the day-to-day workings of Bromley Council.

Download Mike's campaign leaflet 

Shortlands - Ann Garrett


Ann is a performing arts lecturer and has been a Green Party member for over 20 years. Secretary of Bromley and Beckenham CND, Ann is joint convenor of Bromley Peace Council, joint co-ordinator of Bromley Green Party and Friends of the Earth, joint chair of Save Our Local Hospitals and Services (Greenwich, Bexley and Bromley) and a member of Amnesty, Bromley Cuts Concern, Greenpeace, Bromley Civic Society, Bromley Against Fracking, Bromley TUC, Nuclear Trains Action Group and the TUC Pensioners Association. Working for investment in a low carbon economy, public ownership of essential services, and combating climate change are areas to which she is committed. 

Download Ann's campaign leaflet

West Wickham - Jenny Rust 


Jenny has worked across several sectors, including social housing, the arts as well as being self-employed. By supporting change in our education system, incentivising green tech and taxing corporations who pollute, we can boost our economy, increase productivity and build a safer, cleaner environment for future generations. As a young person, I support Green Party policies on the provision of sustainable affordable and social housing, free education, re-nationalisation & improvement of transport links and access to free healthcare. 

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