2019 General Elections


General Election 2019 - Your Candidates  

Your candidates for Beckenham, Bromley & Chislehurst, and Orpington will be working for a fairer and flourishing Bromley for all.

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Beckenham - Ruth Fabricant


Ruth Fabricant

I joined the Green Party because it has always recognised the issue of Climate Change and see a Green Economy and Social Justice as going hand in hand. I am standing for an ethical, inclusive and united party, seeking to create a fairer society.

I am a longstanding Beckenham resident and volunteer at a local school. As an infant teacher I taught long-term in Bermondsey and Forest Hill, fostering a love of nature and ensuring inclusion in all activities regardless of race, gender or disability.

My new baby grandson has brought the issues of an environmentally-safe future and our caring social policies sharply into focus.

I have petitioned to keep the hunting ban, save Beckenham toilets, and for 20 mph speed limits outside schools and in places of need.

I also campaign for CND; Bromley Against Fracking; Bromley Trades Union Council; Friends of the Earth; RSPB –‘Giving Nature a Home’ and Stand Up To Racism. I celebrate diversity.

A Green government would make it easier and more affordable for people to take environmentally-friendly options in their lifestyle choices. There are positive every-day benefits of tackling Climate Change, e.g. free bus travel for all; insulating homes to reduce fuel poverty. Greens would create new jobs in insulation and renewable energy and introduce a ‘just transition’, so workers would receive financial support to retrain.

We would bring railways back into public ownership to reduce fares and provide a better service; stop privatisation of the NHS so money spent on health remains solely for patient care and not for profiteers; fund education and stop closures of state nursery schools and adult education; build affordable and social housing and ensure fair rents.

I am proud of our Green Members of the European Parliament for their achievements on environmental issues, workers’ rights and animal welfare.

Greens are strong ‘remainers’, consistent in calling for a democratic referendum on the final Brexit deal.

More about Ruth - Check out her leaflet (click here)

Bromley & Chislehurst - Mary Ion


Mary Ion

The climate election: Tackling the Climate Emergency with our European Partners

This election has been brought about by the impossible challenge of delivering the Brexit promised by the Leave campaign. The Green Party supports a confirmatory ballot on the deal on offer to resolve the issue. However, the public are only too aware that this is not the greatest challenge that we face as we consider the warning of the Committee on Climate Change that the next 18 months will be critical to averting climate catastrophe.

The Green Party has long had a vision of a society that is built on sustainability and fairness, indeed Caroline Lucas MP has been working on a Green New Deal for over 10 years.

What does this mean for the people of Bromley? As a Green Party MP I would advocate for a just society in which people have a basic right to a secure, affordable home and a humane welfare state. 

I’ve lived in Bromley for 30 years and I am raising two boys here with my husband who is a Romanian citizen and nurse. In my own work as an NHS nurse and psychotherapist and as Trustee of a local charity I’ve witnessed the impact of austerity on vulnerable people. We urgently need to take action to end this suffering.

Every resident should have access to quality health and education services which have seen savage cuts under the Conservative austerity government. Schools in Bromley are suffering above average per pupil cuts to budgets and the length of NHS waiting lists are soaring. Transport policy needs to prioritise walking, cycling and public transport in order to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

Despite declaring a climate emergency the government has failed to take action and continues to support wreckless policies such an airport expansion and extensive road building. We need to tackle the climate emergency now whilst improving quality of life for residents who are becoming increasingly aware of the way in which air pollution, flooding and loss of biodiversity are likely to impact on them now and in the future.

I believe that the most effective way to protect worker’s rights and environmental protections, to deal with the climate emergency whilst creating a fairer society is within the EU in collaboration with our international partners.

Vote Green on 12th December. The time to act is now. 

More about Mary - Check out her leaflet (click here) 

Orpington - Karen Wheller


Karen Wheller

I joined the Green Party in 2014 as I felt let down by parties in power which were not offering a different vision to that of the neoliberal economic consensus running our country, and wanted to be part of an organisation which was fighting to bring about a socialist and environmentalist inspired vision for our future.

I worked as a zookeeper at Beaver Water World in Tatsfield, I have an interest in promoting animal welfare, and one of the aspects of my job which I enjoyed the most was getting to interact with a multitude of different people about our animals. I feel as though I have made a difference to the lives of thousands of animals, and many people in my eleven years at the zoo.

Since leaving the zoo in late 2017, I have worked at a school in Cray Valley West, one of the most deprived wards in our country. Through working in the school I have seen how devastating central government cuts have been to services.

I have been affected personally by the issue of homelessness, and after that experience have wanted to help those who find themselves in a similar situation, especially with recent cuts which have been made to housing benefits, especially  for younger people.

The EU referendum campaign in 2016 was one I found disappointing in many ways – neither the official remain or leave campaigns appeared to have a coherent argument for their case, and both sides seemed to offer a pessimistic outlook. I personally support the efforts of the Greens within the EU which are trying to reform the EU into a federalist structure. 

Ultimately however, I would like the opportunity to take my battle for social and environmental justice for those of us left in the lurch by previous governments further.

More about Karen - Check out her leaflet (click here)