20 mph Safety Zones


We have set up an online petition asking the Council to consider 20mph Safety Zones outside schools or in small shopping areas. However, so you know of a particular stretch of road, or difficult corner, where slower traffic could improve safety for pedestrians or cyclists? We want to identify areas which local people find dangerous or think a lower speed could be safer for all. If you are connected to a school, and want to get parents and pupils involved, please email roisin.robertson@greenparty.org.uk

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Bromley is a large and varied Borough and enforcing a 20 mph zone in all residential roads could prove impossible. However, there are certain places, outside schools and in shopping areas, where better safety measures – like reducing traffic speed – could help pedestrians and road users.

This slower speed would help reduce road traffic accidents to pedestrians, motor cyclists and cyclists as well as car drivers and other road traffic. Figures show slower traffic speeds significantly reduce harm to those injured in collisions. Speed restrictions also slow down the rate of vehicle exhaust emissions by burning fuels more efficiently.

There are already several 20 mph schemes in action, along Turpington Lane, Bromley, outside Perry Hall Primary School in Perry Hall Road, Orpington and in other parts of the Borough.

We will be conducting a survey to ask local residents to identify schools, or areas of concern, used regularly by children or by vulnerable adults, who may or may not be accompanied while crossing the road and where speed of passing traffic could endanger pedestrians and other road users.

The signatories below ask the Council to take action on the sites identified in the survey results.

We the undersigned, ask that Bromley Council introduce more 20 mph speed traffic restriction zones outside schools and along smaller shopping parades where shops or parking take up both sides of the road, or in locally-identified 'risk areas'.