Local Campaigns 

Changes, growth and development are all part of adapting to the needs of the present and forecasting the needs of the future. Bromley Green Party has always stood for progress, however, progress does not mean climate or environment degradation, rather, development which is sustainable, carbon-neutral and with renewable-energy generation.



We have launched an on-line and paper petition to Bromley Council calling for an extension to 20mph Safety Zones, for outside schools and small shopping areas, or ‘dangerous’ road stretches.

Bromley is a large and varied Borough and enforcing a 20 mph zone in all residential roads could prove impossible. However, there are certain places where better safety measures – like reducing traffic speed – could help pedestrians and road users.

This slower speed would help bring down the number of road traffic accidents to pedestrians, motor cyclists and cyclists as well as car drivers and other road traffic. Figures show slower traffic speeds significantly reduce harm to those injured in collisions. Speed restrictions also slow down the rate of vehicle exhaust emissions by burning fuels more efficiently. SEE OUR CAMPAIGN CLICK HERE


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As members of the Bromley Civic Society, Bromley Greens seek to preserve the natural and built environments. Bromley Council plans 14 different development sites within the Town Centre area including demolishing homes in Ethelbert Road and the current restaurant-building over land in Queen’s Gardens, left to the people of Bromley as a green space. Members took part in Bromley’s online Consultation process, which included proposals for three travellers sites – on the Green Belt.

Local Conservative MP Bob Neill helped put together the Localism Bill which threatens our Green Belt, with the prospect of planning applications on this important environmental space. Green activists have already made inquiries to Bromley Council about a possible sports stadium on open land in St Mary Cray, campaigned with residents to keep Havelock Recreation Ground as a local amenity, and supported Bull Lane Allotment Holders to prevent development on their land.

We campaigned against the extension of flying hours at Biggin Hill Airport, for those living round the airport and on the flight path area. A letter has been sent to Cllr Colin Smith, the Environment portfolio holder, about what effect on local air quality these extra hours and flights will mean. Despite our efforts, Bromley Council approved the changes.

Tory policies have meant cuts to Local Authority funding and Bromley Council cuts have been made in areas which affect the most vulnerable in our society.

As Green activists, Bromley has campaigned with the Unions for Bromley Council to keep our Libraries open, with Disabled People Against the Cuts to stop the closure and privatisation of the Astley Day centre for the disabled, and supported Union strike actions to keep services in transport, care and the Libraries in public control, not outsourced to agencies.

We have taken part in High Street information stalls and peaceful demonstrations outside the Civic Centre in support of those who are affected, with Unions and the Bromley Cuts Concern network.

Our members are active in Bromley Friends of the Earth, Bromley Cuts Concern, Bromley Against FrAcking, Bromley Peace Council, Bromley Civic Society, Bromley CND, Bromley Greenpeace, the Save Our Local Hospitals campaigns and Peace One Day.

As members of the Green Party, we are concerned that what we leave to our future will not be less than we ourselves enjoy. We would like changes, however, we believe in keeping the NHS in public hands, providing free higher education for 18 – 21 year olds, getting the railways back into public hands, providing safe affordable rented housing, and protecting our Green spaces, wildlife and animals.

If you would like to get involved in any of the groups or activities, please email and we can give you contact details for our members who are active in these local community groups.